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Love it ★★★★★

by $l!(kn3s 

So happy I found this App, I use it as a guide in finding where I should spend my money at night.. Very easy to start a convo and the new interface update really looks good..

Amazing app ★★★★★

by SanelaSunny 

This is an awesome app I got introduced to a few weeks ago. It's an app I use when trying out new and exciting bars in any neighborhood. I hope you love it as much as I do ❤️❤️❤️.

Nice idea ★★★★★

by Billybiggs 

I use this app when out in town, I really like how it breaks down the different bars around you. Give it a try!

Great app!!! ★★★★★

by BasedGD67 

Awesome app, everything you need to have a successful night out all in one place.

Cool app ★★★★★

by Thedevlin 

I like the idea - mix of dating and events and checking in etc. very cool.

Love the update ★★★★★

by Cjkeir

I liked this app before the update - I really like it after. You want to know what bars are around you, you want to meet someone it's got it.

Not just another dating app ★★★★★

by Klindemann 

Really cool app, easy to use. You can find bars in your neighborhood and see users near by. The new update looks very clean.

Love it ★★★★★

by Jebanks1988 

This app does everything subscription apps charge you for but this is 100% free. Keep up the good work byber team.

Good ★★★★

by EdgyTeddy 

Use this social app to explore your neighborhood, like going to a new bar, making new friends and sharing photos of your awesome life.

Interesting new app ★★★★★

by Wayback Jack 

Byber is an interesting new social app that allows you to discover local bars and meet new people! Highly recommend!

Nice ★★★★

by parereamea 

This app offers you an new and interesting way for socializing with new people and friends, and lots of other things. It's easy to use and it has a nice UI

Social love ★★★★★

by Boopa-.- 

This app is a great way to meet new people in your area or any part of the city that you explore. The app is well made and has a very nice personal guide for people to connect to your Facebook or Twitter. I like the design of this app and I think most people will too, Great potential here so I recommend this app

GET IT! ★★★★★

by NYlucho 

Great social app. This applications elegant and user friendly design is a step up to the new app dating revolution. So GET IT! You will have a blast.

Potential ★★★★

by german.oak 

It's a good idea of providing chances for people to get to know each other. Meeting interesting and like-minded people in my local area is now a piece of cake, thanks to this app. I quite like its design concept and layout, and I'm glad to see that the app is fast gaining traction. Keep 'em coming and updates as well!

Cool ★★★★

by mdranderson 

It is very well designed social app. App works great on my iPhone. App has nice user interface. Give it a try.

Awesome social app! ★★★★★

by Mauriciooq 

Byber is the perfect app to meet new people near you. It's super easy to use and you'll have a date in no time because there's a lot of users!

good social app ★★★★★

by lukereload 

Very nice social app which I missed on appstore. Lots of new features with amazing simple graphic look. App is very stable and fast too. Now you will know what your neighbourhood can offer. 5 stars!!!

Nice App! ★★★★

by SphereOne 

This app is great for finding local clubs while visiting an area that I am not familiar with when out of town! It just needs to get more people involved so give it a try and join and maybe meet someone too.

Not bad ★★★★

by Casey4356 

An easy to use dating app that also has a check-in feature and special app events, making it stand out from the rest. The best thing is that it's totally free. The design of the menus and color scheme could use some improvement but as far as functionality goes, the app is spot on. Similar to the other reviewers I think if this gets a bigger user base it could really be something cool.

New social app! ★★★★★

by Poisonzcrandor 

This App is great to use if you are looking to meet new people, at places like bars. It is really easy to use and can easily help you explore new bars around your area while socializing as well. Definitely has the potential to grow if their are more people using this platform!

Fancy ★★★★★

by Qwdty 

This app gives off an elegant feel from it when you use the interface. The main problem with the app is that lack of a user base, which hopefully will be large within a year.

Cool ★★★★

by Jasminemali 

Nice app , love how you can meet new people and the interface is pretty decent thanks!

Nice ★★★★★

by Dirtydeezy32 

Nice twist. Not the typical social app. Definitely gives you new ways to meet people at different places.

great application ★★★★★

by dimittrov 

Great application, just such an application had me. And in this case is free. Works gently and without any bugs. I appreciate the work of its creators with five stars. Download it!

Works well ★★★★★

by I'm sure it's just me. 

Its like 3 apps in 1 - I like how it's free!

Try it ★★★★★

by Gooner Chi 

Nice new app. Has exactly what I need to socialize in the area I'm in. A year from now, I can see this app being big; as more users join

Fantastic app ★★★★★

by Byber-user 

This app is awesome. User friendly. Great to explore new bars and lounges near you. Highly recommended !!!

GREAT ★★★★★

by Heska10

One of the best apps I found on store, I recommend it.


by kaminist3

It's a good app made from a good idea that targets people who likes to go out to bars and clubs. But just like most social media app, it'll be hard for it to become very popular. Only a small amount do, but I have high expectations. Hasn't crashed on me thus far

THANKS ★★★★★

by ytcristian

Because of byber i have met my bestfriend, we were both looking for people to meet and i met him on this app! Can never go wrong with this app its great meeting nice and good people because of this app. i recommend this to everyone!

Very useful ★★★★★

by madhukarsistla

Very useful for people like me who love to socialise.

Great app! ★★★★

Very nice app! Very easy to use! Could be a very fun app to utilize if some of the kinks are worked out.

Great New Social Media!! ★★★★★

by vanheusen4u

This new social media app is the best. It focus in night life. So if you are person who enjoy party, download this.

Great ★★★★★

by blvckflvg

Great for anyone that enjoys going to bars and socializing. It has some great fun features to try out. The interface isn't quite perfect yet, but that shouldn't stop you from trying out this app!

amazing! ★★★★★

by erectin

great app, so useful to locate and even rate nearest bars around you. detailed information and users reviews to make a good decition. app is so complete and have a super cute interface.

Easy to use ★★★

by Jrartistic

This app is easy to use but like many app for meeting friends.

Ok ★★★★

by Mom Martinez

It is an okay app, nice way to meet people but too many apps to meet people available.

Nice ★★★★

by Procumbens1023

This app helps to meet more people and keep in touch with friends.What's more,we can explore the neighbourhood with the help of it.

Met a lot of people ★★★★★

by sistlamadhukar 

Thanks to this app, I met a lot of new people and had some business conversations. Thanks Byber

Pretty nice ★★★★

by Velyaevi

User friendly UI that looks and performs great. Pretty useful for finding neat little spots in your city that you never noticed before

Great app!! ★★★★★

by 0977xx1195

an application that helps me reach encounter new people, connect with friends and discover everything in the city, it's very convenient for me, thanks

Unique app ★★★★

by Akhmed opan

New dating app concept. Not only to find a friends, but can find date. Drink offers is great feature.

The idea is good just we still have to speculate it ★★★★

by TedPoon

Pros: Innovative social media idea. Notice: Still have to see if the trend can be made --- The app is a type of social media. What making it difference is it focuses on bars/pubs/night clubs. It does solve a common problem which many of us should have encountered. If the trend can be created, then the impact of the app will be enormous. Just at this moment I cannot judge if it is the case. I have heard too many social media ideas but only a few of them finally made it. Mostly it is not related to the idea but the business operation and actual strategy (not only says the big words in the website or meeting rooms).

Many features in one app ★★★★★

by anhle1993

I love the comprehensive connection of this app, it has many features in one place like map, flirt, and social networks,.... I have to say connecting with people over here is pretty easy and it gives you a higher chance to connect with your desired targets, plus the supportive features of this app make sure you have great experiences.

Great app! ★★★★★

by tothonyusit

A great app for those new connections, flirt and chat. Exquisite design, easy to use. I feel very happy to use this application. Thank you very much!


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BYBER founder Christopher Keir speaks to the native society.