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Why are you called BYBER

• Simply put BYBER means to us BY (buy) BER (Imbibe) so BYBER means to buy someone a drink

I signed up for BYBER but didn't get the confirmation email

Please check your junk mail or spam folder it may have gone there. If after 5 minutes it hasn't come through then send us an email so we can set you up.

How much does BYBER cost to use

BYBER is free to Download and use – future updates will include in app purchases, but these are extras and the app will function perfectly with or without them.

Why do you ask to access my location / camera / microphone

• Location: BYBER is a location based app so for it to work correctly we use your current location to find other users around you. Also for the bar search feature we use your location to populate the bars around you. Without knowing your location neither will work. • Camera: If you wish to send images to other users from your phone we need access to the camera and camera library. • Microphone: If you would like to send voice messages in chat we need access to your microphone for this feature to work.

How do I post my wall message on Facebook / Twitter

Very Easily. 1. Click on Profile 2.Write on your wall 3. Once posted on your wall swipe left 4. Select either Facebook or Twitter 5. NOTE: if you want to delete your wall post swipe right.

I click on flirt but it is blank

As BYBER is a location-based app we are pulling from users around you, if this feature is blank that means that no other users are close by. BYBER is a growing application with new users signing up each day all over the world. If you like how BYBER works and feels please share us with your friends.

How do I change my password

If you are forget your password then simply click the forgot password option on the sign in page. We will send you a new password but remember to change this once you have access BYBER. To change your password in the BYBER app. 1. Click on Profile 2. Click on More 3. Click on Settings 4. Click on Login Information 5. From here enter your current password and then your new password 6. Click Update.

How do I delete my account

Sorry to hear that, we would love for you to stay! In the BYBER app click on share then the feedback button – this will open up an email – simple title it delete account and send - please note that the email address we recieve the delete notification from must be the same email used when you signed up for BYBER. Within 24 Hours your account will be removed from our servers along with all information you had with us. Alternatively email us on and enter the same information as described above. Please note once the account has been removed from our servers all your information is lost forever.

How do I enable touch ID

Touch ID is currently available on the IOS version of BYBER. The Android version will be updated with this function soon. 1. Click on Profile 2. Click on More 3. Click on Settings 4. Click Touch ID and Passcode

How do I enable save received images

You can view the images sent to you through Chat photos but if you wish to have the images sent to you saved on your phone. 1. Click Profile 2. Click More 3. Click Settings 4. Click Save Received Images

How do I view all my Chat photos in one place

You can view all the images sent to you by doing the following. 1. Click on Profile 2. Click on Photo 3. Click on Chat Photos

How to I accept / decline a friend (BYBER) request

Who doesn’t like making a new friend? 1. Click on Profile 2. Click on BYBERS 3. Click on BYBER Requests 4. Swipe left on the user 5. Click Add. or 6. Click Delete

How do I block someone from sending me messages

To stop getting messages from another user go into the chat between the two of you then 1. Click on the three dots on the top right. 2. Click YES I want to block this user. This will stop them from sending you any further messages. Please note once a user has been blocked this is permanent and cannot be undone

How do I un-friend a user

Some people get on our nerves too. 1. Click on Profile 2. Click on BYBERS 3. Swipe left on the user you no longer what 4. Click un-friend.

How do I change my profile picture

A great profile picture goes a long way so make sure you look fabulous 1. Click on Profile 2. Click on Photo 3. Click on 1 of the 4 profile slots 4. Choose either to take a picture of select from your phones library 5. Click Update.

Android sign up - how do i enter the year i was born

When you are entering your date of birth - Click on '2017' this will open a drop down of years for you to select your year of birth - Please rememeber you have to be at least 18 years old to sign up for BYBER.

I have a question you haven't answered

Great we love to hear from you! Please send any questions or comments to we do our best to reply ASAP!

What are you working on next for BYBER

We are busy bees and hard at work adding new features and updating current ones. What you can expect in the next update will be a change to the "offer to buy a drink" button this will be replaced with flirts offering 5 options - Flirt - Coffee - Drink - Like - Rose. Each sending a different notification to the user who can accept - decline or open a chat box. After that we have Group Saftey and a change to the main page design. We love to hear your thoughts and comments so if you think you have a feature you would like us to add then send us your idea