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Want to succeed with a dating app? Here are 3 vital tips

Gone are the days when you had to withhold the fact that you met your significant other via a dating app. Thanks to the arrival of smartphones, swiping left and right in pursuit of a soul mate has gradually become the new normal. But with so many people searching for love on these platforms, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Here are three tips that will help improve your chances of finding love via a dating app.

First impressions matter. Choose your photos wisely.

First impressions still matter, and nothing makes a great dating-profile impression more than an excellent photo. While setting up your profile, take your time to select shots that show your best looks while hinting at your personality. It works best when you use photos that potential matches can easily use to recognize you when you finally meet up in person. Get at least one great close-up of your face and one more distant photo that shows a full view of your body. Just be sure not to go overboard with this. Nudes, revealing, or group photos may not be a good idea. 

Your bio is important. Work on it.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the text in your profile still matters. According to studies, men with blank bios are 90 percent less likely to find a match. Even if you are the cutest person on the platform, a blank bio or a poorly written one will grab the attention of the matches you desire. While some apps have room for a full-length bio, others only limit you to a line or two. No matter how much space you have, utilize it to highlight your personality and what makes you stand out. Browse through other profiles to see what your “competition” is doing. Then, clearly describe yourself, your hobbies, and what you are looking for on the platform. 

Your expectations are vital. Clearly articulate them.

Once you have put an awesome profile in place, it is time to start looking for potential partners. With the sheer number of people looking for love on these apps, a picky dater will likely take forever scrolling through available options looking for the perfect match. In fact, the high number of potential matches can work against you by distracting you from the awesome profiles that are readily visible. This is where having a clear and concise expectation comes in. Getting the right match becomes easy when you know exactly what you are looking for.

Online dating can be fun and scary at the same time. Once you have completed your dating app profile, check out the app’s features in order to understand what it offers, and how you can best use it to meet the love of your life.

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Use online dating to increase your chances of meeting new people

Tired of seeing the same old faces at the bars, clubs, and within your social circles? Online dating might just be the perfect place to increase your chances of meeting new people.

Online dating sites provide possibly the largest social platform for singles and those looking to meet more people. These sites offer a greater chance to meet people for friendship, dating, relationship or even marriage. 

Once you’ve made the decision to trade in the nightlife and try online dating, you will need these tips to increase your chances of meeting more people:

Get online! 

The first step to meeting a wide range of potential friends, dates, or partners is to get online. It may be a little overwhelming at first trying to figure out which dating app or dating website to choose. But the Byberapp is easy to download. Within minutes of signing up, you will have the chance to view thousands of profiles! If you prefer a dating site, you can quickly sign up at with just a few clicks. 

Create a stunning profile

Successful online dating is like trying to get hired. You have to market yourself. The idea is to present your best self so you can outdo your competitors. This requires you to create a unique and stunning profile. 

Create a short bio that captures the essence of who you are and what you hope to achieve from being online. Use a tone that is lighthearted and fun. Use clear, recent photos and selfies that present you in an appealing way. You could be a little sassy and show off your sexy side too! 

Start messaging people

With a great profile, you are halfway there! Now it’s time to start browsing profiles and messaging people you are attracted to or want to be friends with. 

Make your introduction message unique. This will help you stand out from the rest and possibly pique the interest of potential friends or partners. People also show more interest when your messages are short and friendly. And remember to flirt too!

Before you know it, you will be meeting lots of people for friendship or dating thanks to Byber.

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Is a date bad just because it's casual?

Dating apps and online dating have changed the way that we ask for and accept dates, but they haven't changed how we meet people. If at the end of a first date you can't decide if it was successful or not because the meeting was so casual, you can be forgiven for the confusion. Movies and television have sold us on the instant sparks and the prospect of love at first sight, but sometimes first meetings are not as exciting. However, a casual first date may have just as much of a chance of evolving into a loving relationship as a romantic one. 

Be honest about the reasons for the date

There isn't just one reason to go on a date, so it is important that you evaluate the first date reasonably. A date may just be a way to avoid boredom, have a good time, or even just hook up without having to measure success on how it matches the picture of a romantic evening in our minds. What were your reasons for asking for or accepting this date? Did you enjoy yourself? Was the evening stimulating? Being honest with yourself is as important as being honest with the other person.

Do you want something serious right off the bat?

While a serious relationship may be your ultimate goal, is it wise to jump right to it when you don't know the other person that well. A casual meeting may not be what you envisioned, but that may be a good sign much more than a cause for disappointment. Getting to know another person shouldn't be burdened so heavily with expectation. Maybe there are sparks that haven't yet ignited. Some people only develop a passion for another gradually, as trust and feelings of security are important to them.

Remember that no relationship survives without embracing the casual

No matter how hot and passionate a relationship is, eventually the couple needs to embrace the casual to survive. There are going to be those nights where you order take out or just watch television. If you enjoyed your first casual meeting with your date, it could be a good sign that you will have what it takes to settle into this comfort zone with your potential partner.

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What to expect when you are new to online dating

Instead of hitting bars or chasing after the nightlife in search of someone to date, you’ve decided to try online dating. Congratulations and welcome. The modern way of meeting people using a dating app or dating site such as has a lot to offer. 

If you are looking for love, a relationship or just some fun, here are three things to expect when you are new to online dating:

Many profiles to filter

There is no shortage of potential dates once you enter the world of online dating. With lots of profiles to click and browse, it can be overwhelming too. Think of it as trying to find the best outfit for a very important occasion. You want to look outstanding, so you will keep looking until you get one that is a perfect fit. 

However, having a positive mindset can turn online dating into a fun experience of flirting and messaging others at your leisure and comfort level. 

It takes time to find “The One” 

Online dating using a dating app, such as Byber, can be time-consuming because there are so many opportunities for meeting new people. Be mindful that instant love connections may not happen overnight. It may take days, weeks, or months to find your “perfect” match. 

At least this helps you filter profiles down to people you prefer to connect with. The whole idea is to be open-minded, patient, and have realistic expectations if you want to date successfully online. 

All that glitter is not gold

Online dating exposes you to the possibility of getting “catfished”. Catfishing is when people put up fake profiles and photos of others. This can be scary, especially if you decide to meet and realize it’s a completely different person. 

Your best defence is your intuition. You have the power to refuse interaction with anyone whose profile appears too good to be true. If the person is dodging a phone conversation or meet and greet, these may be signs you’re being catfished. 

These tips can help you to have a more pleasant experience online at or via the Byber dating app

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Ways to make dating a fun experience

Dating, especially the first few dates, can be a cause of some anxiety and stress because you are going out with someone new and you aren't sure yet whether you will gel in person. If you've met someone on Byber and want to ensure you enjoy yourself on your date, here are 3 ways to relax and turn dating into a fun experience! 

Have the right mindset

Be honest with yourself about your true intention for dating. This will guide your behavior. If you are dating just to enjoy another person’s company or getting to know someone new then focus on the experience, instead of wondering if he or she is “The One.” 

You put unnecessary pressure on yourself when you do this and may miss the essence of the date. You also set yourself up for disappointment if things don't end up going beyond a few dates. 

Be genuine

A major part of dating is getting to know the other person. Be genuine and show up as YOURSELF. Trying to be someone you think the other person will like better may prevent you both from having a genuine experience. 

By being the true you, your date gets to admire your authentic qualities. You cannot uphold a fake personality forever. You will eventually shock the hell out of your dating partner when the “real you” comes out. 

Choose the right activities and venues

A large part of your dating experience rests on what you do and where you do it. You should pick activities you both enjoy such as bowling or going to the theater. 

Also, choose venues you are both comfortable with. If you are both night owls who enjoy bars and the thrills of the town, then a night out bar-hopping may be fun! Or, you may pick more laid-back venues or places that are less noisy. This could be a café, restaurant, or a jazz club where you can converse and get to know more about each other. 

By focusing on enjoying the activities and the shared experiences, you take the pressure off trying to define the relationship from the start.

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3 tips on keeping dating stress-free in 2018

Pat Benatar said it best when she sang, "love is a battlefield". While not every date is going to produce fodder for a love song, there is no doubt about the fact that, sometimes, the dating game can feel like anything but a game. If you are struggling to keep the stress out of your dating game, read on to have the ultimately enjoyable experience using dating apps in 2018! 

Be yourself

Sure, it's cliche, but for good reason. In an age of carefully crafted online dating profiles and airbrushed Instagram posts, it's tempting to project an image of yourself so heavily curated that it barely resembles the real you. To be clear, we're not suggesting that you sport your Sunday sweats on a first date, or air your dirty laundry to the cute stranger that you just met. What we are saying, it's just not possible to create a genuine connection with a date while being anyone but yourself. 

Don't overdo the DM

Ironic though it may be, experts agree that overreliance on digital communication is a surefire way to end a relationship before it's even started. Of course, it can help you develop a rapport once a dating app has connected you with someone you're into, but too many texts can create false intimacy and unrealistic expectations in the early stages of a relationship. 

Let your date know what you're looking for

There's nothing fun about being pragmatic on the first date, but it sure beats the agony of wondering whether or not you and your date are on the same page. Whether you're looking for something casual or serious, do let your date know. If you are on the same page? Then you can get to the good part - enjoying your time together. If you're not on the same page, then you can save the both of you a lot of time and stress! 

Whether you're searching for your soulmate, or just hoping to grab a drink with someone new, we believe that dating should be an exciting and rewarding adventure. Swiping, clicking and tapping through dating apps should be anything but boring! At BYBER, we want you to enjoy the thrill of making more awesome connections than ever before.

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3 ideas for a unique first date

If you have a date coming up with a BYBER match, you may have already started planning your dinner and movie date. Who doesn't love a nice meal and some entertainment? However, if you want to stand out to your date and do something far more memorable, it's time to plan a date that your dating app match hasn't been on before. 

The outdoors

A fun date for anyone who is the least bit athletic is to have a hiking date. Hiking allows for plenty of conversation and a chance to get to know each other as you both reach the destination. It's also a great way to spend time with your date outside of the picture-perfect restaurant location that so many first dates take place in. It's more casual, it's a fun activity, and you'll certainly know each other much better when its over. 

Taking classes

Virtually every city and town has fun classes that adults can take to improve their skills in a variety of subjects. Taking a cooking class together is a fun way to brush up on cooking skills while spending time together and talking. Taking an art class is a helpful way for creative people to get together and have fun. Find out about the classes available near you and see which one you and your BYBER app match would enjoy most. 

Volunteer work

Though it may sound like a tough job, doing volunteer work with your date shows your altruistic side. Volunteering at an animal shelter or community garden together allows you to talk, do some good for the community and find out how the other person feels about social causes. There are countless organizations that can always use volunteers, and the work you do will always be appreciated. 

Make it memorable

There are some dinner-and-movie dates that are perfect for your wishes and expectations. However, don't let every date be the same format if you want to be memorable. Try a fun and interesting first date and a more standard second date to see which works best for both of you. You certainly won't be forgotten by your date!

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How to get a second date with a girl you like

It's easy for men to meet fun people for friendships, dating or relationships with the Byber dating app. What may not be as easy is getting a girl they like to go out on a second date. This is because it's easier for her to find other guys using the dating app.

To get your second date, you'll have to take some strategic actions, starting from the first outing. 

First impressions count

The first date is an opportunity to plant the seed for the next date. It's such a no-brainer. Women are smart. They will know what type of man you are from the very first meeting. So, be on your A-game and make a massive first impression on her. From the way you dress, smell, and speak to how you behave, all this will determine whether or not she'll date you again.

Get in her head

You can clear up any doubts she may have about dating you again by getting in her head. Compliment her looks. Make eye contact and listen when she speaks. Relax, smile, show your fun side, and flirt without coming on too strong. Women are attracted to guys with a great sense of humor, but are easily turned off by aggression. 

Remind her chivalry is alive

Be chivalrous, well-mannered, and patient. Open doors, pull out chairs, pick up the tab, and yes, stay off your phone! Be courteous when you speak, even to the waiters. Be respectful and generous by allowing her to order first and asking if she needs anything else.

Follow up right away

After the first date ends, plant the idea of her seeing you again. Tell her you had fun hanging out. You may even compliment her on how great she looked and mention how you won't mind seeing her lovely smile again. You could even speak in future terms and say something like, "there is this concert coming up next weekend. I think you’ll enjoy it."

Work these tips to secure your second date or you may find yourself right back at square one!

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Signs he really likes you on the first date

First dates, especially those with people you meet on a dating app, are meant to be casual and fun. Occasionally, you may click with a man on the first date and wonder if he really likes you enough to ask you out again. 

This can be tricky. Some men can be perfect gentlemen and show you a great time, but never ask you out again.

These signs may help you know if he really likes you and wants to date you again: 

His body language

A guy who really likes you will maintain eye contact while talking with you. He will flirt, lean towards you, or find ways to be close enough to touch you.

He may smile, laugh or blush a lot. He may stare deeply into your eyes and even start to unconsciously mimic your behavior.

The conversation

A guy who just wants the date to be over has no time to get chummy with you. You’d be lucky if he doesn’t have to leave if “something urgent” came up.

If he really likes you, he will want to get to know you. He will ask personal questions. He may even flirt, tease, and will listen to you intently. 

He lets it linger

When he's into you on the first date, he won't want your time together to end. He'll find ways to “stretch” the date, such as continuing the conversation after the bill is paid and the table is cleared away.

He may ask if you want to go somewhere else afterwards, such as to a club to enjoy some nightlife. When it’s time to say goodbye, he'll linger for a hug or kiss.

He asks about future plans

Before the date ends, your guy may tell you he wants to see you again. If he's not so bold, he may ask if you have plans for the coming weekend. Or, even before the date is over, he may mention the two of you together at a place or event in the future.

If your man isn't into you, get back on the Byber app to keep on dating!

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4 ways to turn casual dating into a romantic relationship

Causal dating happens all the time, especially between people who meet on a dating app such as Byber app. Casual dating can be fun because the partners are free to flirt, date or sleep with others. 

Whenever feelings get involved and a partner becomes emotionally attached, he or she may decide they want a relationship instead. 

Here are four ways you can turn your casual dating into a romantic relationship even if you met on

Be irresistible!

Irresistible people are hard to avoid, and that’s a no-brainer. It may be your behavior, speech or mannerisms that create such an undeniable attraction. Being physically attractive, financially and emotionally independent, fun, and friendly may make you even more alluring. The next thing your partner will be suggesting is an update to relationship status. 

Talk about it

Have a lighthearted talk with your partner to see if there is a mutual interest in exploring a relationship. If you have been dating for months, then the time may be right. 

Be as open and honest as you can about the type of relationship you want. You may uncover that your partner has commitment issues or is generally not ready for a relationship. If the odds are in your favor, you may both realize you are ready to take things to the next stage! 

Show your feelings

People are sometimes afraid to show their feelings to avoid rejection or getting hurt. So, they keep things casual. But, if they know the other person has feelings of affection for them, this may break down their proverbial walls.

If you are emotionally into your partner, admit your feelings and then show them. This can transform your casual dating into a relationship commitment. 

Show commitment

“Commitment” and “relationships” go together like bees and honey. Signs of commitment may make the other person feel secure. Start by agreeing to dates and following through. Be more available to spend quality time together. Regular communication, through texts, calls or email, is also a great way to say, “I’m in this long-term.”

Whatever you do, be respectful and avoid making your partner feel pressured to commit. After all, dating and relationships should happen naturally and be fun!

Whether you are looking to for casual dates or the actual real thing, sign-up to Byber now - your dream match could be just a few clicks away.

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